The story of the late Dr. David Nichols and his dream to care for the medical needs of the forgotten and beautiful people of Tangier Island is one for the ages. Bill Lohmann engages his razor-sharp journalistic skills with the grace notes of Southern storytelling to bring us DR COPTR. Glorious and uplifting, this story will inspire you. Required reading for every Virginian and every citizen who embraces healthcare as a hopeful art as much as a healing one.


—  Adriana Trigiani, Author of "Big Stone Gap"

Jimmie Carter with Dr. David Nichols at the dedication of the David B. Nichols Health Center in August 2010. PHOTO BY BOB BROWN/RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH)

“This book so beautifully crafted by Bill Lohmann is a fitting tribute to my good friend Dr. David Nichols and the iconic community on Tangier Island. If you never had the opportunity to meet David this book will introduce you to this remarkable, caring man.

“David and Tangier were perfect for each other. Tangier is an insular community where you need to earn acceptance, and they don't suffer fools gladly. David's solid stature and loyalty made him a beloved member of the island. David was a keen observer, he knew how to diagnose complex medical problems and challenge those around him to strive for greatness. He taught us by example that there are no shortcuts on the road to meaningful accomplishment. The David B. Nichols Health Center was built by and continues to be supported by the Tangier Island Foundation, which David and I started. It stands today as a legacy to this great man.

“David died too early. I said at the time that I had never seen a man love a place with such a passion. When he was buried on the island next to the clinic, you could sense the closure. He was happy. He achieved what was most important to him: a life well lived, doing his best.”

Jimmie Carter, founder and president of the Tangier Island Health Foundation

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